Picture B: Exposed beam with spansets (Note: spansets can also go around the beam

Picture C: Aerial Rig fabricated by "Ludwig's Portable Rigs"
Picture A: Examples of possible points (not all possibilities shown)

Ceiling/Pre-installed Point:
I can rig for my own performance, but to do so I will need one of the following:

  • A point that has been load tested for at least 1000lbs (See picture A)
  • An exposed beam that I can wrap a span-set around or through (see picture B)
  • An large enough area to set up my portable rig (see section “Portable Rig”)

For shows I must travel to, a ladder, man-lift, catwalk or other safe method of accessing this point is required.

Portable Rig:
I own my own portable rig that I can easily set up in a variety of different locations and venues.
(SEE PICTURE C) Here are some specifications (height and footprint) of my rig:

  • Maximum height is 20 Feet and minimum is 11.3 feet.
  • At maximum height, the foot print is 16 x 20 feet,
  • At minimum height , the footprint is 9x13 feet.
  • I prefer to keep all area within the rig’s footprints clear but need at least 6 feet in

diameter cleared from under the center aerial point.

(Note: If I am traveling alone, I will need at least one other person
to help set up the rig)